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European Echelon Family (EEF)
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You have to be European to be approved as a member (Membership is moderated)Please make sure you have your location on your UserInfo. If you happen to be European but you're not living in Europe, drop me a note in one of the posts or email us.
If you request membership without having your country listed on your profile, your request will be denied. Of course, you can always try to join again as soon as you put up the necessary information.

Please make sure to click 'Join this Community' to be fully approved as a member and have posting access.

Offensive material will be deleted and the member banned immediately. Offensive material such as bashing any of the band members of any member of the community, material containing pornography etc.

Uploading full albums for (illegal) sharing is not allowed either. We catch anyone doing that, you’ll also be banned immediately and that post gets deleted. Same goes for any unreleased songs. It doesn’t matter if the link’s in the post or we catch anyone uploading and sharing links in comments. If we catch you sharing links for any uploaded music in comments, you’ll be warned and the post deleted. You feel like sharing with others, please exchange email addresses or messenger nicks and do it there.

This is not a community to share/link to/post contents that deal with Slash or the like. That goes for stories, videos, manips etc. Posts like these will be deleted immediately. Please use the already existing communities for this stuff.

This community is NOT a better market place to sell 30STM-related stuff or ask around if anyone would sell something.
Use ebay for that.

What you can ask about is:

- If anyone has a spare ticket for a show. But only ask.
- If anyone has scans of magazines
- If people want to collaborate on an order at the US shop for merch

What we will not tolerate is:

- People offering merch, photographs or anything similar for sale
- People linking their ebay auctions to this community
- Asking for booklet scans - you're infringing copyright here! Buy the CD if you want a full booklet.
- Selling tickets on this community. The only exception we might make is if you sell your tickets because you can't attend the show. But not you buying ten tickets to sell the 9 others on this community. If you sell tickets because you can't attend a show, please email us before making a post! Same if your friend or whoever suddenly decided not to with you and you have purchased the ticket (= one spare ticket).

Flaming/bashing/badmouthing people, other websites, communities or their maintainers is not allowed.
To clarify:

We don’t tolerate posts that bash/flame other websites or their maintainers nor posts that link to other pages doing exactly that. You don’t like a website or how its run? Stay away from it.

This is also not a place to discuss any personal differences. If you’ve got a problem with another member of this community or anyone else around, please solve it in private. If we catch anyone doing that, the post will get deleted and the member banned immediately.

This community is not a place to swoon over Jared Leto as individual. Further, this community is also not a place to ask about where they buy their clothes, what brand their jeans or sunglasses are etc.

You are allowed to post your graphics that you made yourself here. Just please don’t make one post per day for, like, 5 new banners or icons. That would be too much spamming. If you do stuff on a frequent or even daily basis, please just collect a few links first and make a single post then instead of posting every day.

Pictures and longer texts (like articles) need to be behind a LJ-Cut. (Previews for Icons posts are okay :) )

You want to affiliate or want your link added to our (by now rather long) link list with your own fan website? Please drop an email and let us know. We’ll gladly put you up there! 

If you use stuff you find on websites or other LJs (etc.), please make sure to provide the link and ask for that person's permission. If we get into trouble because you used (copyrighted) material that is not your own, you will have to take responsibility for that.

Enjoy yourself and make lots of new friends! :) And be nice to each other!

The Russian Echelon website.

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The Russian Echelon community.

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The French Echelon website
Webmaster: frenchyechelon

The Dutch Echelon website




Finnish Echelon website
Hungarian Echelon website
30 Seconds to Mars Italia
Polish Echelon website
Portugese Echelon forum
Russian LiveNet community

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